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* Tickets may be closed early if limited quantity is exhausted.

* Please check your ticket type (for two days/for one day per date) when booking.

* Two-day ticket - After selecting April 25(Saturday), you may select the two-day ticket at the next step. A two-day ticket means the right of the same person to enjoy the festival for two days.

* You must wear your wristband and carry your ticket throughout the festival schedule.

* Please do not cut off your two-day wristband even after the end of the schedule on Saturday. It cannot be reissued even if it is damaged or lost.

* Please check the details below for other information on booking, ticket receipt, entrance, and viewing.

Booking Guide

  • ​Maximum of two tickets may be purchased per person.

  • Ticket type, ticket date, and name of the purchaser cannot be changed after reservation is completed.

  • You may receive your ticket as ‘onsite receipt’ or ‘delivery’. Ticket booths will be installed outdoors. We recommend ‘delivery’ option as outdoors may be crowded.

  • However, ‘delivery’ choice cannot be selected from approximately 13 days before the festival date.

  • The charge specified by the booking office will be generated when the reservation is cancelled.

  • Tickets cannot be reissued for any reason. Please take care of the ticket.

  • It is impossible to change, transfer, or resell the ticket. Please be aware that the festival agency, superintendent, and business partners are not responsible for any loss caused by transactions between individuals.

  • This performance is for age thirteen and above, and the children/adolescent regulations are as following:


Admission with guardian (only guardian can enter with a child after purchasing a ticket)

Admission with guardian (tickets should be purchased by both for a guardian and a child)

May purchase ticket and enjoy the festival without a guardian

Under Age Seven

Above Age Seven ~ Under Age Thirteen

Above Thirteen

  • You may receive the wristband for your child at the information booth. Please bring a document (medical insurance card, passport, etc.) that proves that the child is under the age of seven.

  • Please contact the customer center of each ticket booking office for inquiries on cancellation, delivery, commission, and refund of reservation.

Guide of Entrance Procedure Per Ticket

  • two-day ticket

On-site receipt


receive ticket at two-day ticket booth


receive wristband

at wristband booth








receive wristband

at wristband booth






Day 2

(In the case of receiving wristband

at Day 1)






  • For the fast admission through brief process, we recommend you receive your ticket through ‘delivery’ choice.

  • Please visit wristband booth with the ticket.

  • Admission and admission waiting are possible only after wearing the wristband. It will be invalid when you join the admission waiting line without wearing the wristband.

  • Only one wristband is issued for those who have purchased a two-day ticket, regardless of the day of the week.If you buy a two-day ticket and wear a wristband on Saturday, you can queue up immediately on Sunday.

  • Any acts that may cause confusion in the waiting line (such as taking seats through acquaintances or exchanging tickets alternately) are strictly prohibited. If you see any of these happenings around you, please let the nearest security team know. 

  • One-day ticket

On-site receipt


receive ticket at one-day ticket booth


receive wristband

at wristband booth








receive wristband

at wristband booth






Guide of Operation Hours

Operation Hours

10:30 a.m. ~ until the end of the last performance on the day

10:30 a.m. ~ until the end of the last performance on the day

Scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

Ticket Booth

Wristband Booth

Start of Admission

Guide of Ticket Receipt

  • Information of the purchaser will be checked when receiving tickets on-site. Valid identity card and reservation details are as following:

necessary documents

Identity card of the purchaser (identity card, passport, driver’s license, etc.)

Copy if unavoidable circumstances (name and information of birth date is mandatory)

Ticket, Detailed reservation statement

Passport before expiration, certificate of alien registration

Ticket Booth

Wristband Booth


  • Ticket cannot be received if the ticket purchaser cannot identify himself.

  • If you made a reservation under the name of your family, please bring family relation certificate for identification.

  •  If you received the ticket in advance, you must bring the ticket with you to wear the entry wristband.

Guide of Admission

  • You may enter by the order of arrival and the entire festival is available without a designated seat.

  • You may only enter the selected performance date (date listed on the ticket).

  • You may enter the venue only when you wear a wristband, and you may freely enter and leave the venue until the end of the festival.

  • Entry line and entry are only possible when wearing a valid wristband. It is strictly prohibited to leave a seat through an acquaintance or exchange tickets.

  •  (After purchasing two-day ticket) The wristband that was exchanged on the first day of purchase must be worn until the second day and it cannot be reissued if damaged/lost.

  • Wristband and ticket cannot be reissued. Please be aware of keeping the them until the festival ends.

  • Two-day ticket means the right of one to enjoy the festival for two days. The purchaser of the two-day ticket cannot give, resale, or hand over to others. Doing so will result the wristband being invalid.

  • An immediate exit will be measured if an illicit entry is detected, and legal remedy may be imposed.

Guide of Performance

  • Some casts, schedules, and appearance time may change depending on the circumstances, and both refund and partial refund are not allowed.

  • Except for natural disasters and significant social issues, the performance will proceed as scheduled.

  • Regular photo-taking is possible, but in order to protect the copyright and artist portrait rights, photos and videos, live broadcast on SNS, recordings, the action of taking and uploading pictures and videos related with the performance for creating profit are strictly prohibited.

  • Official photos and videos are taken during the festival. It will be used as a performance material afterward. Please understand that the audience may be exposed.

  • In the event of damage to other audiences including excessive drinking, use of firecrackers, use of firearm, possession of dangerous materials, possession and use of drugs, or any other socially unacceptable behavior, please report to the information booth. If being caught, immediate sending-off and legal action without warning will take measures. In all of these cases, no refunds are available.

  • The organizers, supervisors, business partners, and artists are not responsible for accidents, thefts or losses caused by the carelessness of the audience. Please be aware of safety and valuables.

  • Information booth offers various information inquiries, as well as lost items and simple first aid.

Guide of prohibited items

  • Prohibited items

    • tent (general tent and shading tent) / chair with a leg (including foldable) / air bed, air sofa / cool box, cooking utensils, glass, aluminum glass / carrier, bicycle, kickboard, camping cart and material with wheels / picnic table (taller than 40cm) / professional recording, filming equipment / cooking material / explosives / drugs and dangerous materials

      • ground chair without legs or sitting cushions is available

      • small cool bags are available

      • (portable) fordable table smaller than 40cm is available

      • wheelchair, stroller available (may be restricted depending on the field situation)

  • Available but restricted materials

    • umbrella / parasol / balloon / flags / selfie-stick / ladder / materials that can bother other’s sight such as headband with shining function

  • Prohibited food and drinks

    • glass / canned / food in general paper or plastic case / food that leaves much waste (fast food, delivery food, takeout food / food and drinks that can cause concern or discomfort in sanitary accidents

      • food and drinks in Recyclable container (airtight container, lunchbox, plastic tumbler) are available

  • Drinks in a plastic bottle smaller than 500ml

  • According to the rental regulation of the concert hall, no pets can be accompanied. 

Guide of Convenience

  • Coatroom


Ticket booth open time ~ 30 minutes after the end of the last performance

5,000 Won / 1,000 Won if restorage (Cash Only)

Store at the plastic bag for exclusive use (width 45* high 55* bottom 16cm)

Operating Hours


Storage method

  • If you have too many materials to pack in one plastic bag, you should make additional purchases.

  • Items which can be damaged, big items which do not fit in the plastic bag, and valuables are not allowed to be stored.

  • Separate storage through Carriers and cool box is available.

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

  • Identification check is required when purchasing alcohol.

Guide on the means of transportation

  • Shuttle Bus

    • Shuttle bus is operated on the day. More information will be updated soon.

  • Subway

    • Exit 7 of Mapo-gu Office Station on Line 6 (A 1,300-meter walk along Hongjecheon in the direction of the Han Gang River / About 20 minutes)

    • Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6 (walking 2,000 meters on the World Cup ramp bridge between Pyounghwa Park and Haneul Park / About 30 minutes)

  • Bus

    • 9707(Seoul Metro Bus): get off at Nanji Hang Gang River bus stop

    • Gyeonggi Metro Bus, Gyeonggi express city bus do not stop at the Nanji Hang Gang River bus stop

  • Car

    • Navigation Address: Seoul, Mapo-gu, Han Gang Nanji-ro 162 (Sangam-dong 487-116)

    • Due to the heavy traffic on the day, it might take a long time for both admission and exit. Please use public transportation if possible.

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